sairuk's thps dump

  date   article   author
  01/10/2021   thpsdump - documenting thps further (chat) (collection)   sairuk
  27/02/2002   thps public release list (2017-10-01 00:57:10)   sairuk
  11/11/2016   THPS Covers/Discs incl. PSD files (2001)   sairuk
  11/11/2016   PTH logo collection (2005)   slateman|sairuk
  11/11/2016   PTH titles screen collection (2005)   slateman|sairuk
  11/11/2016   The full misc_pics directory contents   sairuk

  date   article   author
  22/04/2018   THPS Development Sketches   Neversoft
  21/04/2018   THPS DC Skate_T/Downhill patches   sairuk
  29/09/2017   thps-beta-review.txt   sairuk
  11/11/2016   Development files from Neversoft, to support History article on PTH   sairuk
  11/11/2016   SK707 Beta   sairuk
  29/02/2002   THPS Beta Secrets - play as taxi [pic-1] [pic-2] [pic-3]   sairuk
  29/02/2002   ppf to patch beta iso (RIPPED VERSION) - test_level/rasta/skater/taxi   sairuk
  28/02/2002   THPS Beta Secrets - test level [pic-1] [pic-2]   sairuk
  28/02/2002   ppf to patch beta iso - test_level/rasta/skater   sairuk
  28/02/2002   thps beta pics [startup screen] [level select] [downhill] [freeway-1] [freeway-2]   sairuk

  date   article   author
  11/11/2016   GBA maps (2001)   sairuk
  11/11/2016   History of THPS article dev files for PTH (2001)   slateman|sairuk
  11/11/2016   Collection of PC FAQs, by me(??) (2001)   sairuk
  11/11/2016   THPSO hacked grabs (2001)   sairuk
  11/11/2016   Converting save files between systems (2001)   sairuk
  11/11/2016   Collection of all scene dev files (2001-2005), by me(??)   sairuk
  ??/10/2016   E3 Demo released   sairuk
  29/02/2002   thps2pc trg info files   sairuk
  29/02/2002   misc files from the pc beta   sairuk
  29/02/2002   some thps2pc source   sairuk
  28/02/2002   esca mhpbmx model in thps2 [pic-1]   sairuk
  28/02/2002   coloured text [pic-1]   sairuk
  28/02/2002   cable car in school2 [pic-1]   sairuk
  28/02/2002   hanger e3 beta hidden room [pic-1]   sairuk
  28/02/2002   venice beach e3 beta cut area [pic-1] [pic-2]   sairuk
  28/02/2002   thps3 levels [pic-1] [pic-2] [pic-3] [pic-4] [pic-5] [pic-6] [pic-7]   sairuk
  28/02/2002   SF running on thps2pc   sairuk
  28/02/2002   ppf patch for thps2psx iso PAL only (djam/ros/sf)   sairuk
  28/02/2002   SF running on thps2psx using epsxe [pic-1] [pic-2] [pic-3] [pic-4] [pic-5]   sairuk
  26/02/2002   pics from the thps2 pc beta   sairuk
  ??/??/????   pics of thps4 levels in thps2   sairuk
  ??/??/????   fix for win2k   sairuk

  date   article   author
  01/10/2017   THPS3 PS1 Beta (2001-09-05)   sairuk
  03/04/2002   attempt to play lan with pc and ps2   sairuk
  05/04/2002   roll around in the skateshop   sairuk
  03/04/2002   pro-mode hud VERSION 2.0 for thps3pc [grind] [lip trick] [manual]   sairuk
  02/04/2002   setup.cfg file format   sairuk
  02/04/2002   listing of command line options (WIP)   sairuk
  31/03/2002   replay enabler for thps3pc (69k)   sairuk
  31/03/2002   PARIS level pics on thps3pc (WIP)   sairuk
  31/03/2002   OILRIG level pics on thps3pc (WIP)   sairuk
  31/03/2002   pro-mode hud for thps3pc (65k)   sairuk
  28/02/2002   warehouse files 3dsmax bsp [pic-1]   neversoft
  28/02/2002   hawk dreamcast model 3DSmax DFF [pic-1]   treyarch/neversoft
  28/02/2002   old hawk model 3dsmax [pic-1]   neversoft
  10/02/2002   executable scan (350k)   sairuk
  10/02/2002   character board graphic info and PRE file format explanation   sairuk
  10/02/2002   thps3 level info (locations/unlockable levels/filetypes)   sairuk
  10/02/2002   quick WIP overview of thps3 hed format   sairuk
  10/02/2002   thps model units & data for 3DSmax level creation   sairuk
  10/02/2002   some misc pics from the disc   sairuk
  10/02/2002   skate.hed complete file list of skate.wad (152k)   sairuk
  10/02/2002   music.hed complete file list of music.wad   sairuk
  10/02/2002   alltricks.qb   sairuk
  10/02/2002   tricks.qb   sairuk
  10/02/2002   protricks.qb   sairuk
  10/02/2002   character skinning info   sairuk
  10/02/2002   net.qb   sairuk
  10/02/2002   netmenu.qb   sairuk
  10/02/2002   cheats.qb   sairuk
  10/02/2002   teamcheat.qb   sairuk
  10/02/2002   skutils.qb   sairuk
  10/02/2002   camera.qb   sairuk
  10/02/2002   debug.qb   sairuk
  10/02/2002   strings.qb   sairuk
  ??/??/????   misc thps3   sairuk
  ??/??/????   airport from ps2 on ps3(??)   sairuk
  ??/??/????   sairuk tag in rio, thanks neversoft!   neversoft